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Bring to your attention, rapidly developing company that has many years of experience the team, specializing in the design, manufacture, service and supply a wide range of products.


"CENTRENERGOMASH" LLC specializes in the supply of hydraulic, filtering and cleansing, engineering and other complex non-standard equipment.



The presence of the experimental design and production capacity allows you to design, produce and maintain metallurgical, machine-building and other industrial equipment produced by our company, taking into account the technological requirements of the customer and the working conditions.

As well, the company pays special meaning maintenance of high voltage transformers from 10 up to 110 kV of power to 630Wt 80MWt: transformer oil purification (without replacement), oil changes, repairs of oil circuit breakers, etc.

We hope you like our offers Regard to meet the needs of your company, both from a technical as well as , later, from an economic point of view. That eventually lead to the tight collaboration and decision on approval of the company "CENTRENERGOMASH" as a trusted and valued supplier of equipment and services necessary for you.

Happy to answer any questions.

With best wishes and hope for a long-term and mutual cooperation.

We invite all potential partners and investors for mutually beneficial cooperation

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